Why do I meditate?

You probably know the feeling. Stress – the sense that you are behind, the fear of not delivering and that you are not totally in control of all the things you need to get done. I have that feeling all the time, but I have a secret weapon.

A few years ago I decided to try meditation. At first I was almost a bit ashamed and didn’t share what I was testing with any of my friends. Meditation is just monks sitting on a stone floor humming, right? Wrong.


I soon realized how amazing this was both on my mind and body. I also started to read more about it. It turns out that a lot of my heroes also meditate daily.

Why would I recommend trying meditation?

  • I get this amazing sense of presence
  • I maintain focus longer
  • I work more effectively
  • I make better decisions

How do I get started?

  • Set small goals. I only meditate 10 minutes daily – start with 5
  • I use the app Headspace, that works for me
  • Set a fixed time every day. I meditate every morning.
  • Don’t try too hard, it’s a bit difficult in the beginning – just stick with it
  • It’s not so much about not thinking, but about acknowledging your thoughts

So I challenge you to try today. Let me know how it feels in the comments below. Keeping focus through the day is essential for me to be the best version of myself – which is good for me, and the ones around me.

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  1. Øyvind Hansen


    I’ve been following you for years, watched Sofaprat, your video series and blog posts. Even bought your book, Sign Off. It was therefore a pleasant surprise (not surprise really) to learn that you are meditating. I have read quite a few books on this topic, and I am convinced that this is something that will explode in the west in the upcoming years. Meditating is simply training the mind, I think it is very, very strange that this is not concidered as normal in 2016. We work our bodies and focus a lot on food, but the most important tool we have, our mind, is not the primary focus, which it should be, in addition to the body and food of course. Have you read the Power of Now? Some people may find it a little too spiritual, but the fact is that this book talks about presence in a non religious way. I think this book is life changing. Meditation is extremely benefitial, I will commit to do this for the rest og my life. Glad to see that you are embracing this truly amazing activity! Hope you are doing well, and would love to hear more about your experiences. -Øyvind

    1. Thanks for your comment Øyvind! Have not read the power of now, but just downloaded it to my kindle and looking forward to read 🙂

  2. Read your piece on meditation – and decided to try it out. Tried both Headspace and Calm – and have now more than 8 hours of meditation in My belt. Great tool to focus and in general help you cope with the pace of everyday life. thanks for The inspiration.

    1. Happy to hear that Rune!

  3. Starflame

    I did some thinking after reading this and I do my own kind of meditation in a way, but I’ll try purely meditating. Focusing is important, after all.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Happy that you already have your own way, and exited to hear how it turned out with testing pure meditation 🙂

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