Building your Habit List

One of the things I’ve focused more and more on the last years is my habits. Changing old ones, and building new. Your life is based on what you spend time and focus on, so optimizing the way I live, work and think helps me feel more fulfilled and motivated.

I try not to focus on too many habits at once, but I usually work with up to five habits at a time. The way I do it is that I set a goal of what habit I want to change or create – and then find the smallest possible thing I could do to move the needle to my goal.

With meditation for example I started 3 years ago with just 5 small minutes of sitting still, last year I did 10 minutes of meditation 5 times a day. I now do 15 minutes, actually I just meditated on the plane minutes before I sat down to write this.

Starting small and slowly building from that works for me, another thing that is important when I work on my habits is logging my progress. I use an app called Habit list where I keep track of all my habits and it gives me a small indication of how many days in a row I did something, or how many days since I’ve completed something.

Being able to see my progress at a glance, and seeing stats on what I’m on track with and what I’m behind on motivates.

Here is a screenshot of my current habit list, and what I’m currently focusing on.


It feels great to design your own life and improve things you would like to change.

As Jim Rohn famously said:

Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change”.

What are some of your habits that you are currently working on?

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