Create content that people trust

I had a conversation with a friend today. We discussed traffic and content. We remembered that last year a lot of marketers started to talk about traffic as a commodity. 

Everyone can generate traffic these days, it’s like fuel.. How far do you want to go?

The funny thing is how fast everything is moving. I often say you don’t want traffic, you want an audience – meaning that you want people that actually care about you to be the ones who consume your content.

The amount of content being produced everyday is now overwhelming, so I would argue that it’s not just traffic that is a commodity now – content is a commodity as well.

Creating content is easy. Creating great content that your audience will love is hard.

So in the same way marketers should stop and think about how they can generate traffic, they should also stop and think about how they can create more content.

They should focus on building an audience and creating amazing content.

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