You don’t own what you rent

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about renting stuff vs owning stuff. Both in real life, and in the world of marketing. It turns out, that it’s not that big of a difference.

When you rent an appartement, you quickly forget that it’s not yours. You start to settle in, decorating and setting your mark. You might rent for years, until suddenly you get a message from the owner that it’s time to move out. And you have to pack all your stuff, and start fresh somewhere else.

This is the same when you establish your business, build your audience and serve your community on places you don’t own yourself. Like Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat – these are all channels that you do not own. And that you can get kicked out of anytime, or if not kicked out they decided to change up something you don’t want them to.

Lists of emails and websites are different. You own them, and you can do what ever you want with them. So don’t bet all on a place you don’t own, because before you know it you have to move and start over.

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